[Fan Fiction] When I Grow Up

Vector illustration - vintage scrapbook background, eps10

Main Cast: [17] Jun [gfriend] Yuju ★ Genre: Friendship, school life ★ Rating: General ★ Length: Drabble



✿ Happy Reading ✿

Hours of rest, a time that I and Jun—who is my best friend since childhood—to lunch together. I take my blue lunch box from the bag.

“What do you bought today?” Asked Jun who still clutched his lunch box.

“Because my mother went early in the morning to deliver Seungwan eonnie to the station, so I just can prepared some kimbaps. I have a lot, you can take it if you want.” I push my lunch box to him.

Woah, it’s look delicious! I take one, okay?” He shouted then pinching a kimbap.

He swallowed that roll of sticky rice wrapped in nori roundly up to her mouth untill look so full. When I think he has succeeded in munching and swallowing, his glad facial instantly transformed into expression that is difficult to definite.

“What’s wrong, Jun?” I’m curios.

Eung … nope, really! Your kimbap is pretty well.” I know he said with contain a lie.

“Tell me honestly. I won’t get mad.”

“Well, actually … the egg was too salty and the beef was tasteless.”

“Oh, really? Geez … sorry. Here, to relieve the chaos in your mouth!” I handed him a bottle of water. Jun immediately grabbed the bottle to sip a few milliliters of water.

“Seems like you must develop your cooking ability, Yu!” He said suddenly.

“Well, over time a woman will be good at cooking by itself. So just calm down.”

“What’s wrong with starting to learn from now?”

“Why should from now? Do you want me to prepare lunch for you?”

“What if the answer is “yes”?”

I then frowned, he tought I’m the assistant household, or what? Why did I must to cook lunch for him? After all, isn’t Jun already have Mrs. Wen who very good at cooking?

“In the future, when I grow up, I’ll marry you. I also want you to cook for my lunch when I working at the office.”


Lethargic butterflies in my stomach immediately get a passion for flapping wings again. Maybe my cheeks had flushed like a tomato right now. The cute boy in front of me is actually able to make me melt only with his sweet-more-than-sugar words.

– END –

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